What's Apple company iOS

Apple's mobile operating-system for its iPhone, iPad, ipod itouch, Apple TV and comparable devices. Apple iOS had been originally called the iPhone OPERATING SYSTEM but was renamed this year to reflect the working system's evolving support for more Apple devices.

Apple iOS is currently in v9. by release, with iOS nine first being unveiled within 2015 in conjunction with the release from the iPhone 6S and apple iphone 6S Plus smartphones.

Functions and Enhancements in More recent Releases of Apple iOS

Recent versions of iOS have introduced a number of effective new features to the mobile OPERATING-SYSTEM, most notably Apple's Siri superior voice recognition application, "Proactive, inch a contextual, predictive individual assistant that's tied along with Siri to deliver personalized info based on a user's choices, habits and location, a pre-installed instant messaging client (iMessage), incorporated support for Apple's iCloud personal cloud storage support, iTunes Radio, and AirDrop support.

Support for Old Devices

Older devices like the original iPhone and i-pod touch are not supported in the iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS seven family of updates, and the i phone 3G and second-generation apple, ipod touch cannot be updated past ios-version 4. 2 . 1 .

The main competitors to Apple iOS in the mobile operating system area are Windows Phone 7, Google's Google android OS, and the BlackBerry COMPUTER ITSELF. Apple iOS does have the head start in the applications department, with its App Store currently featuring more than 500, 000 third-party applications.

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