1952: When CBS Debuted the very first Number-Crunching Computer system on Election Evening

In the whiz-bang globe of Magic Walls and holographic (or rather tomographic) teleportations, it’s well worth wanting back at Election Night 1952, when CBS introduced a laptop to almost all of America that had never ever seen one particular.

“This is just not a joke, or perhaps a trick,” stated CBS Information correspondent Charles Collingwood, sitting beside the “Univac Electronic Personal computer,” which was huge, covered in blinking lights, and in essence a mock-up on the actual laptop or computer, which was processing election returns in Philadelphia. “It’s an experiment, and we imagine it is likely to perform.”

And it did, creating an early prediction that Dwight D. Eisenhower would defeat Adlai Stevenson-only difficulty was the executives at Remington Rand, the company that built the computer, weren’t confident ample to advise reporting the computer’s prediction. “We should’ve had nerve enough to feel the machine to start with,” an executive in the company explained on CBS right after midnight. “It was ideal, we had been incorrect.” Eisenhower went on to win with 442 electoral votes to Stevenson’s 89. Not even shut.

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