Outlook now displays coworkers' availability in your phone

Sunrise is officially dead, but Microsoft just added a new function towards the Outlook iOS calendar that could possibly help you overlook it. In a trick borrowed from the desktop app, the iOS version of Outlook features a new scheduling assistant that makes it fairly effortless to book a meeting. All you'll need to accomplish is make an event and add coworkers inside the "people" field, then select the date picker.

From there, you are able to see occasions in white, yellow or red, indicating spaces where everyone is accessible (or not). Then, you'll be able to tap the time picker and drag it around till it turns green, giving you a slot that operates for everyone. From there, you could fill in the rest of the information and facts and save the occasion, that will automatically notify the other parties.

Lots of of Outlook's calendar features come directly from Sunrise, so a minimum of Microsoft is making use of the IP it paid for. Redmond integrated Sunrise's "events" and "interesting calendars" feature final month, and added the time and date picker shortly afterwards. The scheduling assistant from Outlook desktop is icing on the cake, but no matter if it convinces diehard Sunrise fans to switch remains to become noticed. The new function is only on iOS, but is coming to Android and Windows 10 Mobile "shortly."

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