Selecting the right phone for both work and play

All work and no play tends to make your phone anything, one thing. Oh yeah, boring. If you're necessary to have a phone for work, you could be reluctant to work with it on a individual level, but carrying two phones is cumbersome and counterproductive.

What you might want to do is choose a single phone and make it count. You'll need a single that's fantastic for productivity (Google apps, cloud solutions, and so on.), whilst also getting capable enough to crush it through play time.

You very first just should find out what you need to satisfy each sides.
Throughout function hours, you'd like a telephone that assists with productivity, so it can not be distracting or overly difficult to use.

A phone with an uncluttered interface is invaluable in occasions exactly where you should get in and get stuff completed. The Moto Z, Google Pixel, and also the HTC ten are examples of phones with a really user-friendly method, so you will not be regularly swiping and tapping around seeking for apps or receiving distracted by animations and what not.

To your employer, security is likely among probably the most essential features of one's phone. If you're going to be accessing function servers and potentially sensitive info, you'll have to have a phone that offers tight security.

One of the best security measures is constant updating. You'll want a telephone that receives the essential software updates often, since these frequently involve important safety updates.

Should you know security is best priority, we've rounded up the very best phones for safety just for you personally.


If you're on a function trip or merely working lengthy hours, you'll need a phone which will maintain up with heavy demand. Ensure it has adequate RAM to ensure that it really is fast, and ample storage to ensure that you are not continuously having to purge data. In case you need mondo capacity, then you will have to have a telephone with top-notch expandable storage.

If you find that past phones have not created it towards the end with the day, and you just do not have the time for you to sit tethered to a socket, then you are going to also need a telephone with the best battery life you'll be able to discover.


If work calls for you to have a telephone but won't foot the bill, then price tag can be a main deciding issue with regards to producing a selection. That's why we've rounded up the ideal phones beneath $900, under $700, under $400, and below $100.

Never be a dull boy, Jack

Yeah, you use your telephone for work, however the goal of carrying around only 1 telephone is usually to split its use between the soul-sucking grind and heart-uplifting enjoyable.

Here are some characteristics to appear for when contemplating a phone for enjoyable (alliteration city up in here!).

For many, the camera is among the most important features of any phone. No one carries about point-and-shoots anymore - it really is all phone, all the time. And with how amazing smartphone cameras are now, why not?!

If you dig photography inside your spare time, then there is no cause the phone you use for perform cannot have an amazing camera also! If you are looking for the phone with the best camera out there, we've got you covered.

If video is your bag, we consider you can find some phones you'll want to check out for that as well.


Storage isn't just a perform challenge. If you are a compulsive app downloader, you'll have to have the space to accommodate all of them, plus all your photos, videos, and much more. So do you go for any phone with a ton of internal storage, but at a greater cost point and without expandable storage? Or do you go for the ideal phone with an SD slot?

Ultimately, it is about just how much storage you consider you are going to use. If you are combining function and individual data, you are going to most likely want the option of expandable storage.


No much more reading filthy waiting space magazines. Gaming on your telephone is where it is at, and that is a specifically great factor for both work and play. I do not know how many meetings I've sat by means of (tuned out) while paying added particular attention (absolutely nailing it in Candy Crush) and thought "I would enjoy to be playing a game appropriate now" (I totally was).

But what do you appear for? Screen resolution? Storage space? Memory? Look no further, simply because we know which phones gamers will appreciate.

Virtual reality is the best. No, seriously, it really is entertaining on a bun, and it's entirely attainable with the proper telephone. Headsets are acquiring less expensive and VR in your telephone is way much less costly than a gaming Computer, VR setup (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift), and it is even significantly less costly than PSVR (when you don't already have a PS4).

Not all phones are terrific for VR, so we place a list with each other to help you make a decision.

Striking a balance

It can be hard to pick in the multitude of phones readily available, specifically if your wants are pulled in distinctive directions.

Your most effective bet is always to make a list of your needs (operate) as well as your wants (play) and discover the phone that walks among worlds. There will definitely be some compromises within your final decision, but when you suss out what's truly important to you, you are going to probably possess a couple of choices to select from.

For the top of what's about, verify out our Smartphone Buyer's Guide. We've compiled the quite very best Android has to present, what ever your pleasure.

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