The benefits and drawbacks of obtaining a ridiculous bejeweled phone case

Several months ago I looked at a photo with Circuit Breaker editor Paul Miller and we agreed that the photo was lovely
It is beautiful not only due to the fact Lana Del Rey is in it and she has an really great manicure, but since it is the ideal bathroom selfie. It’s humanizing, unassuming, and quietly vulnerable to become photographed in one’s bathroom by one’s own hand. This bejeweled BlackBerry telephone case is so loud that it nearly declares itself the topic in the image. But, needless to say, getting sentient and empathetic creatures, our eyes and minds generally favor the human topic - even when it is getting quiet. The brim of Lana Del Rey’s baseball cap is casting the majority of her face in shadow, but her decidedly 2009 bathroom mirror pout is front and center. She’s holding herself away in the mirror as well as the phone’s camera but her pout is saying “Just kidding, I’m right here in this selfie.”

This lovely photo created me realize I had under no circumstances taken a bathroom selfie, and after that conclude that the problem has to be that I do not possess a ridiculous bejeweled phone case. If I had a ridiculous bejeweled telephone case, I'd take a bathroom selfie. If I had a ridiculous bejeweled phone case, everything will be much better.
As you are able to see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. If a ridiculous bejeweled phone case has ever crossed your thoughts as a potential acquire I really feel confident in telling you that now is as excellent a time as any to just go for it.

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